All State Chorus

All State Chorus – February 23 – 25, 2017 – The Classic Center, Athens, Georgia

1st Audition:  November 12, 2016 – Dutchtown High School, Hampton, Georgia

2nd Audition:  January 19, 2017

Audition General Information

NEW! 2017 GMEA All State Chorus Practice Tracks

INSTRUCTIONS for Downloading the All-State Rehearsal Tracks

Download, manage/save and play these files as you would any mp3 file(s)

  1. These tracks contain the sounds of musical instruments to help you learn the music you will sing at All-State.
  2. For tracks listed with a VOICE PART, the OBOE part represents what you will sing.
    • You will hear the oboe playing your vocal part in your right ear (headphones) or right speaker (stereo).
    • The piano will be heard in your left ear or left speaker.
  3. For tracks listed as PIANO, you will NOT hear your voice part.
    • You will want to use this accompaniment-only track after you have learned your notes using the voice-part track.
    • This track will more closely represent what it will be like to sing with accompaniment-only for your second audition and during the All-State performance.
  1. The tracks are numbered in the most likely performance order as specified by the GMEA Choral Chair per input from the clinician.

GMEA All State Download Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I download these files? While you may play these files from most smart devices, the operating software on many smart devices won’t allow it. For this reason, it is suggested that you use a computer to download the files to a location on your computer you will have easy access to.
  2. What do you mean easy access? For example, on your computer you could create a folder on your desktop labeled “GMEA AS Rehearsal Tracks.” Then, once you have downloaded the tracks, just copy them to the new folder for quick access.
  3. What if I just want to play them on my smart device? Once you have downloaded the files to your computer you can manage them just like you would any other mp3 files. You can drag and drop the folder into your music folder on Apple devices, for example, and sync them to iTunes. On other operating systems you would move the files to your smart device just like you would any other music file from your computer.
  4. Can I change the names of the files? DO NOT change the names of the files as it could create conflicts that could prevent playback. Also note, in the download links the files for each group are in sequence in the expected performance order.
  5. How will these files play on my computer or a smart device? Once you have the files loaded to your computer you can play them with any default media player that plays mp3 files. Once you move them to your smart device the same will apply.


1st Alto

2nd Alto

1st Soprano

2nd Soprano

1st Tenor

2nd Tenor

1st Bass

2nd Bass