Milton Chorus Student Registration and Information

Milton Chorus Student Registration and Information

This page is used for student registration, information, travel agreement, and parental consent forms.

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  • Welcome to the online registration site for Milton Chorus. You should set aside 10-15 minutes to complete this registration. You will need to complete this process with a parent or guardian.

    During this process, you will complete the following forms:

    • Student Information Form
    • Travel Rules, Guidelines, and Agreement
    • Parental Consent Form for Participation in Music Activities

    Please note: You will receive a personalized PDF copy of these forms in your email upon completion of this registration. You must print out and return the Travel Agreement and Parental Consent form to Mr. Bowers. These forms require parent/guardian signatures for our records.

    In order to complete this registration, you will need the following information:

    • Basic information - Name, address, emails, home and work phone
    • Student's Class Schedule
    • Emergency Contact information
    • Physician's name and contact information
    • Medical insurance carrier and policy information

    If you have multiple students in the Milton Choral program, you will need to complete this registration for each student individually.

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